Pondicherry, one of the must-visited tourist attractions in India, is a home to a number of romantic places that everyone will love. If you are planning to visit our marvelous city, you should never leave without visiting Auroville, which is popularly called as The City of Dawn. This idealistic leaning seems to be an international community dedicated to harmony, peace, divine consciousness and sustainable living, where travelers from all over the world, regardless of their color, creed and nationality build together a non religious and good human community.


Located 12 Km northwest of Pondicherry, Auroville was founded on the inspiration of The Mother in the year 1968. The Mother, the co-founder of Pondicherry’s Sri Aurobindo Ashram, played an integral role for the establishment of this wonderful community. Aurovillians have been running a wide range of projects ranging from IT and schools to handicrafts production, renewable energy and organic farming.


As most of the Aurovillians are foreigners, you will be able to have some good relationship when you visit this attraction during your tour to Pondicherry. With its tempting beauty and amusing inclusions, Auroville has been drawing the attention of thousands and thousands of visitors every year. Apart from international travelers, people from various parts of the country visit this place regularly to receive the positive vibe.

Visiting time:

Auroville, the universal town of humanity, provides a spiritual experience to the visitors. You can realize some positive energy driving the place, which is another reason for the frequent visit of the travelers. If you want to explore this community with the complete excitement, you should arrive between 10 and 12 noon or between 2 and 4pm. As you have so many things to see within Auroville, it is always recommended to arrive ahead.

Focal point of Auroville:

While there are ample things to explore in Auroville, nothing could be as exciting as visiting Matri Mandir that is located in the middle of Auroville. Matri Mandir is a gigantic golden golf ball with a meditation chamber inside. This ball-like structure is often described as a place of peace immersed in light refracted through the prism.

With all these exciting things, Auroville is a must-see place in Pondicherry. So, don’t miss it!