Mosques in Pondicherry

Are you on trip to Pondicherry? Check out the list of Mosques in Pondicherry. It helps you to know about the mosque timings and plan your trip accordingly.

Pondicherry Mosques List:

Khutbah Mosque

Meeran Mosque

The Mulla Mohammad Mosque

Darga of Masthan Saheb Syed Dawood Buhari

Pondicherry is most popular city located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. From the ancient times, this city is very popular destination in India, home to some one of the ancient sea port and historic temples, churches and mosques. During 1964, French East India Company was established and then Pondicherry becomes main French colonization in the country.

During the medieval period, Pondicherry was ruled by the Muslim Rulers for short time.  Madurai acted as headquarters of mogul rulers.  Most of the mosques were constructed in that time. Hope, the list of mosques in Pondicherry was really useful. Read also temples in Pondicherry and Churches in Pondicherry.